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Human Rights violation is the common argument in the current political debates between different countries. The content of it is seriously different depends on the who is pronounced the sentences about human rights, and what are the argument and position of the speaker. It has become quite popular among political elites in different countries to explain foreign and domestic politics in terms of human rights, but at the same time human rights and the human rights movement are both in serious crises, especially in concern with authoritarianism, which is «goes global». The situation in the human rights realm is seriously diverse in this regard– from the challenge of Asian values at the East to the tectonic shift in human rights policy in the West. Currently different regimes and representative of political elites have proposed alternate paradigm of human rights – both conservative (like Islam concept of human rights) and radical left understanding of human rights.

The course seeks to make an overview of the current debates on human rights, based on the role of human rights narrative and practice in different political, cultural, and social context. This course will explore also to understand how human rights are spoiling, mimicking, and emulating in non-democratic context, what kind of rhetoric and practices could be used for such policy.


  • Дмитрий Дубровский

    Кандидат исторических наук


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